Brigham Young University Creates Top Landscape Technicians

Brigham Young University is well-know for creating top landscape technicians. In fact, graduates receive numerous job offers directly after graduation, whereas those from other schools can sometimes be left hoping for even one job offer.

It isn’t an overstatement that they are among the most recruited students from across the country, with a program that has made a name for itself across the nation in 15+ years of landscape management training. It is just as much a fact as saying BigEasyLandscaping in New Orleans is an award winning landscape company.

Last year, there were 81 students enrolled in the landscaping program, and this year there were 101 – which is a significant increase of 20 students. The school hopes to eventually grow the program to 250 graduates yearly, but are happy with the slow, steady progress they have been making.

Winning Competitions

Brigham Young University has won the NCLC for the second time in a row this year. The NCLC is the National Collegiate Landscape Competition, and the school has won SIX titles in the last 13 years. Not only did they perform exceptionally as a team this year, but also produced the #1 top performer – a student named Marco Crosland.

Why It Works So Well

If you’re enrolled in the landscaping program, you receive real-life, hands-on work experience under the tutelage of experienced professionals. This is paired with vital business classes that fall just short of earning them a minor. If desired, landscape students can take just a few extra credits to receive a business minor – something several students have done to set themselves ahead of the rest.

Students do well in the course because they love it. A recent graduate stated that they loved the program so much because it wasn’t all about taking classes and getting an education, but also building business connections and work relationships.

That, to me, sounds very much like a real career – all while in school, nonetheless.

Most importantly, the landscaping students at Brigham Young University are taught to be passionate about their career. They are given vital skills over and beyond basic lawn maintenance. They are taught artistic design, horticulture fundamentals, and even the construction side of landscape. For example, laying pavers, creating sidewalks and pathways, building fences, and more.

Although students do the usual things people think about when they think of landscaping, the program from BYU has combined several key factors into their program. They teach their students not only how to get their hands dirty, but about art and science also.

Fighting Stereotypes

BYU works hard to fight against the widely held stereotype of landscaping being a low-paying job that requires little to no skills. Instead, they emphasize the need for a degree when working with large companies or high-paying customers. One example is Pixar, who requires their landscape crews to maintain a degree and all proper certifications to be employed. They also pay considerably higher, with incomes going as high as six figures.

Debbie T. Miranda

Debbie T. Miranda

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